Saturday, 29 October 2011

BabY V (vanessa hudgens)

VaneSsa HudGens actually Vanessa Anne Hudgens,,she was a singger and actor,,i love her,,she have her own personality,,she beautiful,sweet,n cute!,,she are the one another my inspiration,idol,fashion icon,,,huhuh,,im be her fan since when i was 10 years old,,in that time she Only acting with the disney walt,,i love her acting,,i know bad things bout her but it never change her position to be my idol,,did u know zac efron?,,zac are nessa boyfriend i dont know lh,,i heard that they broke up,,huhu,,so sad,,no matter she not wearing any make up but still the same,,mmm,,stella are nessa sister i guess,,cause everything same bout the both of them,,face,,lips and much more,,so this is the picture..have a look okey!,,

the last picture i like the most,,cause its is look like natural,,muaahh,,kkikikik :DD

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