Saturday, 29 October 2011

moment in friend

today my friend and i go to town,,the first plan is we just wanted to take a form,,but fydaa want me to teach her bout skype,,so i teach her suddenly the line networking just like a snail,,huh damn,,and my battery are low,,what supposed to do?,,ahaha,,hate that moment,,but in the same day,,we breakfast at hamidah restorant and fydaa asked me to wait her there cause she went to the alice enterprise to buy something,ahaha,,like this moment when she just bloopers and slip the shoe,,ahaha,,everybody looking her,,and the old man chinesse laugh to her,,ahaha,,its so embrassing,,and she acting like a notty chuddy gurl to cover the blooper,nicee action,,ahah,,and she run A.S.A.P to in the restorant,,mygosh! she said,,and continue with laughing,,totally embrassing moment,,actually a sweet moment,,hmmm,never missed that and bring that moment to the end of my life,,never forget,,after that we went home,,we end the conversation with "bubye",,ngeee,,last i saw her,she wait to take a bus,,i walk crosse the road,im just walk on foot to back home,my house near the town,so i can walk,,as im walk the wheather is huhuhu i dont know how to explain,,its just a nice wheather,,im feel the air flow to me nicely,softly and tender,,the sunshine is shut by the clouds,,so the surrounding is deeply dark,i mean not so deeply it just like when we enter the room without light but we still can see the stuff around us,,arhh,,but its Only about 10 minutes,,then disappers and contiune back with the hot wheather btw thanks god im near to my house,,think that a miracle moment,,,hehe,,ok that it,,enjoy!

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