Monday, 7 November 2011

new background

Hye guys!,,well im here to notice y'all that i've got new background for my site,,its a Demi lovato,,i tried to find another celeb pic,,but i only found the old one,,ahaha,,then i check for demi,,so here's the background,,nice??,,how sweet??,,can i know??,,hehe,,i know some people out there hate her,,but i knew have more those likes her out there,,isn't it??,,am i right??,,hopefully,,demi have her own style,,i love her possing,,her song a like my quote,,hehe,,if i got time,,i'll be post every her own pic that i got,,coz im too busy all the time with working,,selena will be the next i guess,,and bout all the SHOUT that you send to me,,thankss muchh damn mucchh,,i appreciate muchiee,,ahaha,,muchas gracias!!,,if im typing wrong hope y'all forgive me,,im never means a bad things,,in case of including a dead or alive moments and human okay??,,sorryy again,,oppss most forget,,thanks for those who leaves their comments at my site,,again muchas gracias~(THATS  ALL I KNOW ABOUT MEXICAN LANGUAGE) hahahaha,,horrible right??,,ahah,,damn shame on me!,,i dont know else,,cause im malaysian ,,btw,,have a nice day whenever are you!!!!!!!!,,muaaaahhh,,loves who watch my blog!,,ahaha

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