Saturday, 29 October 2011

BabY V (vanessa hudgens)

VaneSsa HudGens actually Vanessa Anne Hudgens,,she was a singger and actor,,i love her,,she have her own personality,,she beautiful,sweet,n cute!,,she are the one another my inspiration,idol,fashion icon,,,huhuh,,im be her fan since when i was 10 years old,,in that time she Only acting with the disney walt,,i love her acting,,i know bad things bout her but it never change her position to be my idol,,did u know zac efron?,,zac are nessa boyfriend i dont know lh,,i heard that they broke up,,huhu,,so sad,,no matter she not wearing any make up but still the same,,mmm,,stella are nessa sister i guess,,cause everything same bout the both of them,,face,,lips and much more,,so this is the picture..have a look okey!,,

the last picture i like the most,,cause its is look like natural,,muaahh,,kkikikik :DD

Miley Cyrus - Stay (Lyrics)

miley cyrus~stay,,enjoy,,this is my favourite song,,so be watch!

moment in friend

today my friend and i go to town,,the first plan is we just wanted to take a form,,but fydaa want me to teach her bout skype,,so i teach her suddenly the line networking just like a snail,,huh damn,,and my battery are low,,what supposed to do?,,ahaha,,hate that moment,,but in the same day,,we breakfast at hamidah restorant and fydaa asked me to wait her there cause she went to the alice enterprise to buy something,ahaha,,like this moment when she just bloopers and slip the shoe,,ahaha,,everybody looking her,,and the old man chinesse laugh to her,,ahaha,,its so embrassing,,and she acting like a notty chuddy gurl to cover the blooper,nicee action,,ahah,,and she run A.S.A.P to in the restorant,,mygosh! she said,,and continue with laughing,,totally embrassing moment,,actually a sweet moment,,hmmm,never missed that and bring that moment to the end of my life,,never forget,,after that we went home,,we end the conversation with "bubye",,ngeee,,last i saw her,she wait to take a bus,,i walk crosse the road,im just walk on foot to back home,my house near the town,so i can walk,,as im walk the wheather is huhuhu i dont know how to explain,,its just a nice wheather,,im feel the air flow to me nicely,softly and tender,,the sunshine is shut by the clouds,,so the surrounding is deeply dark,i mean not so deeply it just like when we enter the room without light but we still can see the stuff around us,,arhh,,but its Only about 10 minutes,,then disappers and contiune back with the hot wheather btw thanks god im near to my house,,think that a miracle moment,,,hehe,,ok that it,,enjoy!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Bufday party (beaufort)

tomorrow ana birthday party,,im supposed to going but i have some problems,,im so sorry dear,,its not what im mean to change my mind,,i just dont want its start again,,i just fed-up and tired about that person,fighting is not my fisrt name,,i want freedom,,but she just ignore me,,so what im supposed to do??,,hu??,,look just bout weeks we didn't notice,,huh i dont care lh what will happening,,many changes on me,,i dont wanted to talk to all my chuddy others friend,,i dont even wanted to heard  ur stories,,just let ur share telling to anyone,,ect!,,huhu,,she just fooling me,,i dont like it peeps,,forgive me my dear,,happy birthday,,wish u happy life n god bless,,hopefullly!,,i heard a lot ur telling but im pretend not to heard it,,im the pretender dude,,causes she Only she,this dumb problems start to begin,,im really tired of this,,i swear in my life i will never talk to her again or notice to her,,she never think with my feelings,,feels sad now,,no one ask and caring to me,,im alone in myself,,maybe im not a good friend to her,,so let me go with this feeling,,i want start to open a new book with a brand new chapters,,starting with a new human in my life,,new stuff,,everything is new,,i want to effort what i dont have to intittle,,can i??,,yess i can bebeh,,that new in me,,have a notice yaa,,when i think about it im cying in myself,,just trying to find solution but i didn't found it,,damn me!,,but i just confused why im always blame myself for not my wrong,,i cannot forgive her until i die,,i swear its true,,i take a long time n days to begging myself not to do that but when im think about it,,im supposed to hate she,,she proper that,,okey lh dear it too late now,,gotta go to sleep now,,ok bubye!

food~~ im coming now,,so be prepared!!,,kikiki

yummy,,delicious,,marvelous!!!,,love sweet??,,cakes,,chocolate,,n soo on,,taste it,,hehe

my collection part 2

this picture mean everything to me,,it seem my inspiration no matter is it a simple dimple picture ahaha,,

Love this

my collection,,

thats all for today,,are they cute??,,,some of them i take from my chuddy friend name icole chia,,sorry and thanks!!,,muaaahhh,,