Sunday, 9 September 2012

we've meet again!

Howd..long time no post ya,,soo sorry im busy at this year,,i've no time to check my blog since i have extra classes at school,,damn!,,a lot of homework that i've been gave,,the history,,science,,nnnnn ssoooo much moree!,,thanks for ur shout out!,,that means i still usefull to u'guys..:)),,how your days?,,it is nice to u?,,how bout the wheather?,,ur family?,,hopefully good in everyways,,im here still waiting for my graduation..actually i missed u'guys and my blog,,its strange when after a long time im not write in this blog n my hand feels cramp!,,ahahah,,after my graduation i will back active this blog,posting that stuff i like or maybe something that can give u an idea...>_<,,you've have my words!,,AND HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO MALAYSIA!,,love my country,,freedom and safe its all about in malaysia,,malaysia was filled with a many of different culture,so this is a little bit picture of malaysia   

 sabah tea
 poring hot water ranau

 our local train that still useful until now
 esplanade sipitang
 the eye of malaysia

 kuala lumpur
 the famous variety of food
 location map
 padas rafting
 petronas twin tower

kinabalu mountain
 tanjung simpang mengayau
 our football logo
our prime minister of malaysia now,,Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak

Saturday, 19 May 2012

exam fever

Alohaaa!,,u know what in this month i've got mid examination,,huhuuu,,sucks!,,its take 2weeks for the exam,,and i'm scared bout it,,but its all about 1week more left,,all my answer that day was just write as a logical thingking,,all i've been read cannot fit through my mind,,damn!,,now my mind was just think bout a song call 'ombak rindu',,ahaha,,i'm compose this post while watching tv,,MANIA BABY!!,,ahaha,,okay lah,,im out!,,muahh love you blogger,,