Thursday, 27 October 2011

new best friend

today are my worst day did i ever had,,my mood is going down,,because that person,,i dont know lh why u always find my mistakes for my wrong?,,you know what gurl "with" u or "without" u i dont even care,,i actually dont need u already,,i know u hate me right bicth??,,and i have same too,,i hate u most,,ahaha,,i just want u to know that u are nothing in my sight!,, i think u just a gurl wanted some attention from me,,and i want u to know that u have a enemy in ur class,,i wanted to stop ur freedom,,i know u feel free now damn!,,thats my mission,,i just looking for a point to fight with u,,so be carefull peeps!,,ur think ur a good enough to have that attitude?,,huh!,,motherfuckers!,,if u want to go,u go lh bha,,i dont even care,,bring ur future husband too,,the party is not mine,,totally its not important for me also,,dont ever blame me if im not going,,im doing for my best and what im like,,the most important is for me are looking for a job on this saturday with my NEW BEST FRIEND her name is fydaa,,she such a nice gurl,,i love her (as a friend) ahaha,,she have a good atitiude,,we have same habits,,i swear,,i admit it,,she have nice advise,,same thingking like me,,someone who treats me right,,taking care for me,,never fed-up with my telling whenever im told her twice,,ahahah,,she honesty,,have personality,,trust in me,,kindness,,always besides me whenever im sad,lonely,cry and whenever she have something to do,she never leave me alone,,she understand me,,i never felt shy to share some with her,,she honesty in what things,,she never thingking badly of me,,i never found a friend like her,that what im looking for a friend,,sincerly!,,i trust her more than the others,,she not same like the others too,,truly!,,she taught me everthing in studying that i dont regonize,,that are enough for me for build a nice relationship,,thanks 4 everything yaaa!!,,

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