Wednesday, 30 November 2011

the worst ever holiday 2011

hey all,,long time no see huh??,,i have no time to update this blog,,now im not using the celeb pic as my background,,i like this cause it look like a funky theme,,nicee,,hey all thanks for the shout ok,,this year holiday is sooo boring,,just go to my father home town only,,after that no tripp or travel,,huhuhu,,next year im to busy for the examination coz im in the others that candidates spm,,huhuh,,by the way HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL,,santa is on his way i guess,,have a fun ya,,hohohohohohohoho merry christmas,,i've been remove the frenzy fm,,coz its makes me confused and disturbing me while updating,,im sure you all have the same problems right when open my blog,,its sucks when u have a idea to making some fairytale then the dj radio always talk at the same time while ur typing,,its makes ur forget what to type,,and all the ideas gone,,damn,,damn,,damn,,damn,,(like avril lavinge use this words as her lyrics~i wish u were here,,right??)hahha,,damn me!,,ok lh im out,,got to sleep its already 12:01 a.m now,,happy thursday morning!!,,make ur day with a wonderfull smile,,make it bigger then ever,,let ur lips wound,,ahaha,,im jerk right?,,ahaha,,forget it!!,,ok

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